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Regular Sales Every Tuesday​​ at 10:00 am (CST)

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**   Covid-19 emergency response policy_CCA_CBBC-2.pdf  (Recommendations for Canadian Cattle Sales during COVID-19)

**   Information and Tips for Canadian Farms on COVID-v2.pdf

**  ​ 2020.03.16_CCA Industry Update_COVID-19.pdf

**   2020.03.18_CCA Statement_No trade interruption for all classes of live cattle between Canada and the US.pdf

Marketing Services

Cowtown Livestock Exchange Inc. are Agents for and offer the following online video/audio marketing options:

  • Agrimart Online - Video/Audio streaming

  • DLMS:  Direct Livestock Marketing Services - Video/Audio streaming

     The advantage for the seller using the services will be selling cattle to a broad base of buyers and the security of dealing with your local market.
     The advantage for buyers will be increased volume of cattle to bid on in areas that they might not normally have access to.

     Please call our office for marketing assistance, or to arrange for an on-farm visit. We are available to list, video and handle the weighing and financial transactions between the buyer and seller.  

Registration may be required to view
some or all online sales

Agrimart Live Feed

     Agrimart provides streaming video from ring side with online broadcasting access for select sales.
  • Online live feed video is available for selected sales only. 

Experiencing viewing problems? Visit the host site for help or to register   

DLMS ~ Direct Livestock Marketing Services

     DLMS auctions provides instant bidding, streaming audio and live video for particular sales.
  • On location or from ring side
  • Regular Sales may not be broadcasted.

Experiencing viewing problems? Visit the host site for help or to register