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Regular Sales Every Tuesday​​ at 10:00 am (CST)

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**   Covid-19 emergency response policy_CCA_CBBC-2.pdf  (Recommendations for Canadian Cattle Sales during COVID-19)

**   Information and Tips for Canadian Farms on COVID-v2.pdf

**  ​ 2020.03.16_CCA Industry Update_COVID-19.pdf

**   2020.03.18_CCA Statement_No trade interruption for all classes of live cattle between Canada and the US.pdf


Stay tuned as Saskatchewan Health Measures are released and how they will effect ALL SALES scheduled at Cowtown.

Welcome to Cowtown Livestock Exchange Inc.

Livestock Marketing Service 

     Located in South-West Saskatchewan, Cowtown Livestock Exchange Inc. serves farmers and ranchers in Saskatchewan  and beyond.

     We are conveniently located 1 mile east of Maple Creek, SK on Highway 724. We sell more than 50,000 head per year and our facility includes:

  • An office, sales ring and cattle yards that have been continually upgraded since originally built in 1981.  
  • Two cattle scales which efficiently weight and sort during calf and yearling runs; heifers on one, steers on the other.
  • We have a fully computerized sale program for fast and accurate settlement. 
  • Pipe cattle pens with a capacity to hold 4000 head of cattle, 50 of which are feed and water pens.
  • Our sales ring has comfortable stadium seating in a climate controlled area.
  • A lunch counter serving delicious, home-cooked meals.

     At Cowtown Livestock our goal is to get the highest possible price for the producer by bringing in the best possible buyers. The Auction Barn provides a friendly, personal type relationship with each customer. The staff tries to get to know the customer and his individual business needs. They try to meet these needs with an honest, full-value approach that serves both seller and buyer. Please call our office for marketing assistance, information about the upcoming sale schedule or to arrange for an on-farm visit.

Regular Sales Every Tuesday at 10 am (CST)


   Off-Truck/Presort Sales ~ 10:00 am (CST) 
Bred Sales ~  1:00 p.m.  (CST)

  • Calves & Yearlings weighed with a graduated shrink.
  • Please write milage on manifest.
  • All cattle must be CCIA tagged.


We are pleased to be offering live feed video broadcasts with:
  • (live streaming video from ringside)
  • DLMS - Direct Livestock Marketing Services

Cowtown Livestock now has access to a Feeder Finance Program.  
Contact us   for further information


2015 Livestock Market of the Year

Owners and Staff of
Cowtown Livestock

Brian Good (Left), Tyler Conkhite (Right)
Tyler Cronkhite was honored to accept the Livestock Market of the Year Award on behalf of Cowtown Livestock Exchange Inc.  Presented by Brian Good of the Canadian Angus Association.

Brent Weiss (Left), Larry Russell (Center), Jim Wilson (Right)
The 2015 owners of Cowtown Livestock Exchange Inc. ​

2018 Top Ten & Most Improved Auctioneer
Canadian Livestock Auctioneer Competition 
Tyler Cronkhite
Cowtown Auctioneer and Manager